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About Us Qualities and Safety

Quality Plane:
Falcon has developed a quality control plan in order to meet the standards and requirements of laws and regulations (that’s) governing the specifications of the project.

Falcon has a plan to overcome any potential negative consequences, in order to achieve a confidence level (to) focus on the following:

  • Regular inspection, testing and professional site supervision
  • Implement full documents control system for all project activities
  • Early problem detection to facilitate timely corrective action, thereby minimizing the amount of rework and avoiding potential schedule delays
  • Implement detailed time schedule, which should match the project base time schedule

Safety Standards

Falcon is fully committed to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all unwanted events that could lead to a loss.

To protect the interests of customers at all times, and eliminate the use of substances that have environmental impacts unwanted, Falcon embarked program on environment safety , which will include all departments and work areas.

The specific objectives of this program are:

  • environmental considerations to be part of the decision-making process.
  • pollution prevention and compliance with environmental regulations.
  • providing safety standards to protect people from falling into the incidents.
  • Create and maintain a safe environment and a healthy and productive work.
  • Protection of equipment and property and materials of all accidents.